Sausage roll from Babka

With my Brunswick Street lunch favourite, Alimentari, closed, I decided to head down the street to Babka to try one of their pork and veal sausage rolls. Priced at $7.25 it isn’t what you’d call cheap, but it’s fairly substantial, and like most things at Babka, very tasty. And the price includes delicious house made tomato sauce.

sausage roll from Babka

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  1. [...] eaten some good sausage rolls in recent weeks, including one from Babka, and an even better homemade one. So, I had high hopes for the sausage roll I ordered from Hausfrau [...]

  2. Fitzroyalty says:

    Wow! In 2 years the Babka sausage roll has gone from $6.40 to 7.25 (see my review from 2007). ps could you add a Fitzroy tag please? Thanks!

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