Johnston Street Foodstore

Don’t make the same mistake that we did, and visit Johnston Street Foodstore (256 Johnston St, Fitzroy) expecting a menu of breakfast standards. If you come here looking for poached eggs (or any sort of eggs for that matter, you’ll be disappointed. Instead it serves pre-prepared breakfast fare, such as pastries and tartlets.

We tried a blueberry danish and a citrus cake. Both were a bit dry, suggesting they may have been made the previous day. The coffee was good, without being great.

The sandwiches on the other hand look very tasty, so perhaps breakfast isn’t the time to visit Johnston Street Foodstore, and it’s more of a lunch spot.

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3 Responses to “Johnston Street Foodstore”

  1. That’s rather disappointing to hear. Esp the dry danish and cake, would you go back to try their lunch stuff?

  2. jedro says:

    Yeah, I’d go back, just not for breakfast. The sandwiches did look good.

  3. jason says:

    You should probably update this, wife and I had a terrific full breakfast 2 saturdays ago 02/06/12, and the coffee could only be described as very good, so it must be on the up. Did you ever go back for lunch?

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