Bella Roma

Bella Roma is proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. The name is cliched, and the fit-out is fairly low rent, yet despite this, the descriptions of the pizzas on the menu were promising enough for me to venture in and give it a shot.

Margherita Pizza

The menu choices are fairly standard, and include tomato-based and non-tomato-based options. I opted for a simple margherita, plus the addition of ham. The base was thin and chewy, and topped with some very tasty tomato sauce and decent quality mozzarella. Instead of fresh basil, it had basil infused olive oil, which was fine by me, although the pizza certainly benefited from the addition of ham.

While not particularly large, given the $12 price tag ($10 without the addition of ham), it still represented good value.

Bella Roma
60 Johnston Street

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  1. Greg says:


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  2. jedro says:

    No, Jason P is being dishonest.

  3. mario says:

    This so called judge, food critic or whatever, does OBVIUSLY not have a clue of how to rate a pizza, let me tell you, try have any pizza, from any
    restaurant, and you will find them a hell of a lot better when you eat them in the restaurant, straight out of the oven, not out of a card board
    box. cheers Mario

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