Sydney coffee

Having been disappointed multiple times by Campos Coffee, a much raved about Sydney import that has set up shop in Carlton, I was a little skeptical about the harbour city’s ability to serve up good coffee. A recent trip to Sydney provided a good opportunity to judge Sydney’s coffee scene.

I sampled coffee from a number of Sydney’s coffee hot spots, and it was mixed bag. Le Monde gets a thumbs up, but the much hyped Robocog and Gnome were big disappointments.

Other cafes, known more for their food than their coffee, including Forbes & Burton and Four Ate Five, lived up to expectations. That is, they served great food, but mediocre coffee. This, sadly, is a common tale, not just in Sydney, but also in Melbourne.

2 Responses to “Sydney coffee”

  1. Coffee hunter says:

    How surprising! A Melbourne coffee critic that only likes coffee roasted in Melbourne.

  2. jedro says:

    Have had some decent coffee at Campos in Melbourne since. Don’t get me wrong, Melbourne has some pretty bad coffee as well :)

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